Saturday, October 16, 2010



When I started this blog, it was my goal to highlight those special people in my life that have been a huge influence and have inspired me by simply being themselves and expecting absolutely nothing in return. I wasn't sure anyone would actually read them but my objective was to express in words, sentences and paragraphs what exactly it was about these amazing people that made them so amazing and unique. Well, my "victims" so far have been what we call "homo sapiens" to be specific but I am also deeply inspired by creatures of the four-legged variety.

My name is Leslie and I am a dog lover. Let me rephrase that….I am a dog fanatic. I have been fortunate to have known, owned and loved some absolutely wonderful dogs in my lifetime. I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't have a dog except, possibly, when our family had no choice but to give away Max the Airedale. Max the Puppy terrorized our home for a brief but agonizing six months creating a path of destruction that even the most maniacal of dog lovers would have to get rid of. After totally destroying almost every nice thing we owned, it came down to a final ultimatum. It was either him or me. The dog had to go.

But I digress. This posting isn't about Max at all but it is about my love for one very special dog in particular. Of all the dogs I have known and loved, my sweet Aggie Mae was the closest thing to pet perfection that ever lived.

She had that beautiful "polar bear white" coat and those gorgeously outlined golden eyes that seemed to look right into your soul. She had a way of saying "I love you" with her eyes and she would look at us as if she was reading our thoughts. She would follow us around constantly and when we would stop, she would rest her head on our legs or feet until it was time to move on to the next spot. Always the lady, Aggie drank her water without a single splash and would rather die than have an accident in the house. And whenever confronted by a strange dog, Aggie would immediately take the "submissive" position, flat on her back, with all four paws pointing to the sky allowing the other dog to sniff her from stem to stern to his or her heart's content. She was saying, "See? I'm harmless. I only want to be your friend. Now, let's play."

A more devoted dog could not possibly exist. Aggie spent her life giving love freely and making sure that each family member knew how special they were to her. She was the perfect mother to six beautiful puppies. When it was time to give the little rascals up, our family made certain the they all went to the best of homes and that we could continue to be a small part of their lives. They have all since grown into beautiful animals themselves and we are so fortunate to be able to see them all on occasion.

It seems that Aggie's only fault was that she left us too soon. We weren't ready to say goodbye to our beautiful beautiful girl. But, as life happens, so does death. And allowing her to suffer was not an option.

It was a beautiful October day. Aggie, they let you go outside the hospital one last time to bask in the warm sun. A blanket was spread on the lawn for you near a little waterfall. It was there that I got to stroke and massage that beautiful coat of yours as you took your last breath… and then you were gone.

We will always treasure those wonderful memories we have of you: prancing around and doing your little "bunny hop" with all four feet off the ground whenever you were excited; letting us know in your own special way that you wanted a treat and YOU WANTED IT NOW! Nudging us ever so gently when it was time to go outside. Snuggling up to whoever would allow you in their bed. Returning your ball over and over and over and over again and looking at us with those big beautiful eyes as if to say "Throw it one more time….please?"

You were the best dog ever. You taught us to cherish every moment and never take anything for granted. To give love abundantly and to tell those you love how very much they mean to you….EVERY DAY.

We will miss you terribly, Sweet Aggie Mae, and our lives won't be the same without you. Thank you for the joy that you brought to our family and all the others whose lives you touched. You were, indeed, the BEST DOG EVER and we'll never ever forget you.

Kisses and Licks,