Thursday, July 1, 2010


Me 'n' Lindsay

July 27, 1982. A beautiful baby girl enters the world. Ten fingers, ten toes. A parent's dream come true. Love at first sight. Only one small problem. Lindsey was deprived of oxygen for a short time during her birth. A short amount of time by most standards but enough to change the lives of her and her parents forever.

Lindsay is now a twenty eight year old young woman. But don't feel sorry for her. She lives a very full life. She has a full-time job, devoted parents and a whole passel of friends and loved ones that adore her (yours truly included.) She wakes up every day to a magical, beautiful world. She's not at all concerned about global warming, nuclear proliferation, oil spills, or the many other hazards that plague our society. Lindsay's world is one of security, love, peace and fascination with all things around her.

Having no ego whatsoever, Lindsay is not at all interested in talking about herself. She is simply more interested in what others have to say. This becomes obvious when you try to have a conversation with her:

"What did you do at work today, Lindsay?"……"work"

"Did you have a good day today, Lindsay?"…"yep"

"Tell me about your day, Lindsay."….."I dunno"

BUT! Give HER the chance to talk:

"How is your mom?" "What did you do today?" "What are your dogs doing right now?""Is Adam at school?: "Where's Mason?" "What are you having for dinner?" How's Kenny?" "Are the dogs taking a nap?" etc. etc. You see, Lindsay is much more interested in everyone else than she is in herself. How refreshing is that?!

Another amazing thing about Lindsay is that she has a memory like a STEEL TRAP! To me, she is like a walking rolodex. I dare say that her power of recall is many times greater than my own. I'm thinking about keeping her constantly at my side for all those senior moments I have in which I can't even remember my own children's names! Believe me, she will not only tell me their names, but their birthdays and whether they are left or right-handed!

Lindsay has the same interests as most young girls. She loves to watch "Seventh Heaven", "Gilmore Girls", and "Hannah Montana" on TV. She loves to have a friends over on Friday or Saturday night to eat pizza and watch a movie. She is a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift and, more recently, Jewel. She loves to go to camp and never misses an opportunity to attend "Hannah's Promise." To me, it seems that the only things she has missed out on so far are all those things a parent wants to protect their children from anyway!

And have I mentioned her SKIN? She has that beautiful "peaches and cream" complexion (top to bottom) that most women would give a kidney for. Lindsay has an eternal youthfulness about her. No sun damage or worry lines for this girl! Alas, that we all could say that about ourselves.

I love Lindsay with all my heart and I am so grateful to her for teaching me to seize each day and live it to it's fullest. To dislike no one and to hold no grudges. To find nothing better than the company of others. To delight in the simplest of things and to LAUGH! Oh, if only all of us could live our lives like this precious gift from God. He has completed great works in Lindsay's life and the many lives she has touched so far. And He's not done yet!

So Happy Birthday, Sweet Lindsay. Thank you for teaching me sooooo many things about abundant living and for helping me see this wonderful world through your child-like, innocent eyes.




  1. Sweet words from a sweet lady (elder) about a sweet lady (younger). Happy Birthday to Lindsay, sweet friend of my friend. I, too, hope to begin each day with a desire for abundant living.
    Dear, dear Leslie - I just hope you know how many of these words you write describe YOU! xox oxo

  2. This was a beautful post about a beautiful young woman that has changed my life. Thank you, Leslie, for sharing her with everyone!